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Revenue Models & FAQ

Revenue Models

The company’s business model centers on developing and testing a viral vector encoding shRNA and defining the parameters of dosing in primates to achieve PTEN inhibition in a defined area. Subsequent efficacy and safety testing include determinations of whether efficacy testing in primates is required by discussions with the FDA. Successful clinical trials will lead to therapeutic treatments for people with SCI and other CNS disorders in which the key target is axon regeneration.

Currently millions of dollars go to support the ongoing care of individuals with paralysis. The following payers will embrace funding a treatment that improves the lives of the paralyzed and reduces the costs of care:

  • Corporate Health Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Veterans Administration

Investor FAQ

What will my initial seed money be used for?

Our focus is on the regeneration of damaged CST axons through PTEN inhibition causing axonal growth. The exact method of delivery will be determined with further research and in consultation with the FDA in pre-IND meetings.

What will the therapy look like?

The therapeutic candidate vector:

  • Viral vector containing a short hairpin RNA (shRNA) to knock down PTEN.
  • Therapy to be injected into the area containing nerve cells whose axons must regenerate to restore function (neurons in the cerebral cortex that send axons to the spinal cord via the corticospinal tract).

Are there additional possible treatments for the use of PTEN inhibition therapies?

Yes. The additional possibilities are:

  • Therapy may be useful for treating several different types of trauma or neurodegeneration in the human nervous system
  • Other therapeutics candidates might be developed to inject into an area of damage or neurodegeneration.

How long will the initial seed funding last?

The $6 million raised in this private placement will provide us with a two-year path with the milestone being a pre-IND meeting.

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