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Shane V. Hegarty, Ph.D.

Shane HegartyChief Scientific Officer & Founder
Former Research Fellow, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.
Former Neuroscience Faculty, University College Cork, Ireland.
Neuroscience Ireland Investigator Award 2016

Dr Shane Hegarty is Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder and IP Co-Inventor at AXONIS Therapeutics, a seed-stage, Boston-based biotechnology company. He has >12 years of experience leading cutting-edge, award-winning neuro-protection, -modulation and -regeneration research for neurological disorders. In recent years, Shane has completed a number of competitive biotech entrepreneurial programs, such as Creative Destruction Labs and Harvard I-Labs. As a Research Fellow in Professor Zhigang He’s lab in Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Hegarty led a genome-wide AAV-CRISPR screen for neuro-protection and -regeneration in vivo. Before moving to US, he was Faculty Member in Neuroscience Department of University College Cork, Ireland, and received the prestigious Neuroscience Ireland Investigator Award in 2016. A highly productive researcher with 29 research papers (22 as first/senior author), >1,000 citations and h-index = 15, and serial grant awardee. Dr. Hegarty has acted as an Editor for Frontiers and The Biochemist, and expert reviewer for a number of esteemed journals and international funding agencies. He is an experienced university lecturer, research supervisor and mentor, who also graduated top of his Neuroscience BSc class.

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